Happy new year!!!

Perhaps this is the 10,000th time you are hearing this but I have to say it to you because I honestly wish all my readers lots and loads of happiness in 2020. So it’s been long I posted here because I had a lot of deliberation to do on what and what not to do to this blog however the days of brooding are over. I’m here now.

As someone who loves reading and loves talking about what she reads, I have been asked personal questions on how to cultivate a good reading habit to improve or make better an existent one or build one which is non-existent. I have here 9 steps to help you achieve just that and I hope it helps you in ways ‘unimagined’.

1. Try something different

As a ‘traditional’ reader that loves to read hard copy books, it hasn’t been easy reading e-copy ones these days specifically because of my eyes amongst other things. However, when I discovered the goodness that is audiobooks everything changed for me. It made it easier for me to read in traffic or when I am doing chores by just plugging my earphones into my ears and listening. It affords me more time to read and get other things done as well. I get my audiobooks on Audible in case you are wondering. What you need is an Amazon account and some cash and you’re good to go. The application is a beautiful one as it affords me the opportunity of making digital notes as well. So what I’m saying is this, with the availability of audiobooks and electronic books it’s easier to have a book with you wherever you go and whenever you want. You get the gist! So here is a picture of 4 books I listened to in 2019.

It is a trite principle that nobody forces a child to lick sweet or to have fun but when it comes to chores? (God have mercy). What I’m saying, in essence, is that nobody would force you to finish a delicious meal but one that is less appealing to your taste would be aided by the never-failing background music of African mothers “please eat up”. This same principle applies to reading as well. In 2019, I discovered that I was struggling to finish books I didn’t like or I felt were not so good but the ones I vibed with, took less time for me to finish. You don’t need to read books you don’t want to read if you don’t want to read them. I tried this step a particular month last year and ended up finishing a total number of 17 books that month.


I know you’ve heard this a lot and I’m here to tell you it’s time to start listening. It helps. Trust me, because of the uncertainty that is riddled in time and events each day, planning to read a particular amount of pages per day might not totally work out, however, planning makes the actualization of a goal a step closer to a score. To do this, you can make use of applications that can help you track your reading progress or draw up one yourself via excel.


If that book sucks, please just leave it. I have a friend that had difficulty getting past the first 20 pages of a very popular book. She wanted to see the treasure people who have read the book saw in it but she could not. Like my brother would say No two persons can do the same thing the same way. It might be similar but at least something would mark different.” He’s right. You cant always enjoy a book because someone somewhere said they enjoyed it. So if you can’t finish that book, just drop it.


Repeat after me: “Comparison is a thief of joy”. It’s as simple as that and it will ‘kill’ you. I think this particular tip is riddled in what I’d like to call “THE WHY”. If you know the reason you read is not to impress or look cool, another’s reading progress and process would not paralyze you but rather inspire you. I have lots of people in my life as well as accounts I follow on Instagram and blogs I follow that have helped me honed and challenged the reader in me. Do not let another’s reading practice intimidate you rather, stick to your process and READ THAT BOOK!


This step is as easy as it sounds. Make reading fun and not a marathon race or a “the fast and furious wins the race game”. I inputted this into my academics as well and it made a huge difference.


I got this advice as regards writing and although it’s tough to follow, it’s not impossible either. Read every day and think about what you read even its a page.


Taking Notes helps me relive in thoughts of what I have read in later days when I need them. It gives a feeling of accountability and i feel strongly that it should be on my list. Note: This includes Mental notes.


This is just by the way. It’s not compulsory if you have a defined reading habit however, it is a plus for accountability reasons. It also provides you with an opportunity to share and talk about what you read which is honestly one of my favorite things.

I hope these 9 tips guide your reading progress this new year and you have a better reading year than the last.

Here’s a picture of the book I’m currently reading. I’m almost done. It’s poetry and it’s a good one.




Excerpt from Game of Thrones by George RR Martin

What better introduction can I give than start today’s post with an insightful excerpt like this.

As much as we love Gorge RR Martin for his writing skill and dislike that he kills our fave characters quite too often. It is undeniable the lessons this man has taught us in the course of his writing journey. Here are seven key lessons I’m holding onto from this phenomenal author. And I’ll be sharing that with you today.

  1. Creativity Has (No) Rules:

    RR Martin explained that in creative writing class, they were taught that different characters shouldn’t have names beginning with the same letter and while this is reasonable so as not to confuse readers he knew that when he was writing A Song Of Ice And Fire, he had to break it. He explained that he was creating more than 26 characters so how possible was it to stick to the rule and create something so extraordinary as we saw in his books? It was at that moment he knew he had to break the rule. So quick advice as much as writing parameters are there to guide you, your writing and method of delivery is your focus so you “break the rules when necessary”. It’s creativity and you have to own your style. GRRM once said that ” there is no wrong way to write. You can be a writer who just likes to start and see what grows out of the chaos and you can be one who makes use of outline or something else. Figure out where your strength lies and make that your official writing practice.”

2.Own your style.

On owning your style, He explained that everybody has a unique way to which they get things done effectively. He said that he once met a very popular and renowned author who told him that she did not name her characters until she was done writing. She signifies each character’s name with X1, X2 e.t.c til she was done writing that is when she does the naming. On his own part, GRRM said he could never pull that off because he can never write about a character who has no name; a character who has no identity. “I must name my characters before I’m able to write about them,” he said. So quick gospel. “Understand your method and don’t try to conform to all tenants. This is not saying that you should not open yourself to learning. This is just saying that because this is how writer A writes, I want to write like that? No! Rather; I want to be able to write as good as that. So, own your style and method.

3. Read. Read. Read & Learn from all that you Read.

If you’ve ever read his book you’d agree with me that that plot couldn’t have come out from a mind devoid of research and knowledge. The book was set in a new world entirely. Not every writer can pull this off but George RR Martin did. He explained that the trick basically is that ” he reads”. In his words – “The most important thing for any aspiring writer, I think, is to read! And not just the sort of thing you’re trying to write, be it fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, whatever. You need to read everything. Read fiction, nonfiction, magazines, newspapers. Read history, historical fiction, biography. Read mystery novels, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, literary classics, adventure, satire. Every writer has something to teach you, for good or ill. (And yes, you can learn from bad books as well as good ones — what not to do)”

4. Write from a place of truth, learn and always strive to improve in writing

Always strive to ace your craft because in his words “people wouldn’t remember how fast the books came out but how good they were”

5. Don’t Limit your imagination

GRRM is one writer whose books just spikes up your imagination when reading. You’re a writer now, and you own the world you’re creating. You create characters to live in it. So, why limit your thinking? So why limit your own self in your own world? He explained that when he went back to prose writing, there were suddenly no limits. He could write what he wanted, with characters he wanted and immense settings. Don’t limit the way you think. Explore your literary world.

6. Exercise your Literary Muscles- Write Every day.

This looks trite and I have heard this from so many writers. Sometimes I think, I can’t do this, but I try and I’m still trying. But then it’s so true that the more you write, the better you get. I compared what I wrote 2 years back to what I wrote a few days ago and the difference between it is just amazing. I’m obviously not there yet but there’s really no gainsaying or telling yourself every time that you are not there yet. You have to want to be there one day so you have to make conscious effort towards that dream. He said that “the more you write, the better you’ll get”. Write every day, even if it’s just a page. Exercise your literary muscles because if you don’t, you’ll never develop them.

7. There will be good writing days & bad ones- (Writer’s Block)

In his words ” sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you” It’s okay because you will write again and again and again and you will write.

Quote of the week: “An essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail”.

Thank you for reading.

One of my favorite George RR Martin interview


Hello there, I’m an aspiring budding writer like you and so keen on self-improvement. Learning from books, people, authors and trying to write each day. I decided to write this post to help people like me on this journey as well as to constantly remind myself what I need to do in the course of my journey. Be open-minded. Learn in diverse ways you can and know this; in your writing journey, you would write bad stories, good stories, and better ones but keep growing, keep developing your skill & never stop.


Hello guys, Happy new month! I’m excited for this month for so many reasons. E.g I get to start my writing challenge. It has been weeks since I last wrote anything. It’s also Game of Thrones Month. Yay! (I’ll be doing a post soon; 5 lessons from some of our favourite GOT characters and if you are a GOT fan, you should stick to this blog). We’ll also be talking about the books (A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin) and lots of amazing posts this month.

So, yeah to the topic of today #Ownyourself it’s a wide one but we would only be discussing a single part of the topic in terms of dressing.
I had the idea to write something about this when my roommate showed me a BC on her fellowship group page which someone had sent to the group. Before now, as a woman who holds her relationship with God in high esteem, a stout believer in Gender equality and neutrality, people often bring topics which to them is suppose to clash with my religious belief and personal standards but at the end of the day, after taking turns to debate about these things we find out that they don’t necessarily do.

Over time, as someone who is born into a strong Christian household maintaining modesty while still remaining stylish has been one of my things. I noticed that even though I am conservative with the things I put on ‘people’ still complained and so before I left the house on any day I always worried about what these people would say. So, I tried to conform each time to their reality of what a Christian lady should look and dress like. I always noticed that doing this had a tell on my self-esteem in these clothes. I wasn’t always confident in them. They were sometimes too big, too thick, dull for my skin e.t.c that I always did not want to see a friend anytime I was in one of them.

My growth began with having separate clothes for church and weekdays. It started to feel like I had a double life which I didn’t like. This new act didn’t escape being talked about. I was called in and scolded by this group of mother’s. It got to a point I had to open up. I had heard enough. This was my youth that was suppose to be of so much spike and fun these people were messing with. So I decided to speak with my mum who was so furious that I felt that way and those people spoke to me that way. She plainly instructed me to do what I want trusting the fact that she raised me well to know that difference between what is right and wrong. I’m not here today to differentiate or tell you guys the difference between good clothes and bad clothes however I want you to take away something “eyes would always watch. That is their usefulness & mouth will always talk”. However, do not think you have to always do what people want you to do. Sooner or later, you will lose a grasp of a sense of control over your life. Take it from someone who had formerly been at that place. I think self-accountability is key. Look around you, there are so many religious doctrines flying around today, yet society still remains as evil and worse still. So many so-called religious people are blinded by hypocrisy and judge brutally. I wouldn’t say more about this but I know children of so many of these people who have resulted into living double lives because their parents only love that part of their self that fits into their religious mode. This reminds me sometimes of how conditional love can be. The truth is some people would never see you outside the image of you they have created in their minds and that should not be your problem. Don’t lose yourself trying to prove to them that you aren’t like that or trying to live up to their expectations. And this is so funny Because these people don’t even live up to their own expectations. So, in reality, you’ll be enslaved to the expectations of the people who fall short of their own expectations. How hilarious. And every time I’m faced with situations such as this, my dad taught me that God’s words should be the pedestal to which I evaluate these things. Now that I have learnt to be more confident about my belief, to unapologetically be me and act like me, to shun the standard of the world and find accountability within myself, things have been more peaceful and better with me. I’m still growing, I’m getting wiser but I made a promise to myself to always make myself accountable while telling my fellow women that most of the time it’s not about you. It’s these people and the way the society has been structured. However, I believe in moderation which may in itself be subjective but I have here a videotape from my favourite Author. It will buttress what I have said.

Let’s ensure to always do good, talk to others instead of talking down on them and yeah the saying “dress the way you want to be addressed” is true in the sense that you don’t wear party clothes for an interview, you don’t wear a dress you’d wear to an interview to a casual setting. I understand that fashion isn’t static and the world is evolving but a dress tip; DRESS SMART AND CLASSY.



Hello there, I’m happy you clicked on the link to this post. I had the idea to write this post about two weeks ago after hearing a thing or two from the mouth of another. I read this book about six years ago and my decision to reread this classic was borne out of an experience. To confess, reading it wasn’t so easy as we all know the language in which the text is written isn’t so simple. However, with the help of your footnote, I think it becomes more appealing and easier than you think. So quick gospel (when reading Shakespeare use your footnote. It might slow down the pace at which you read but you’ll understand and that is the trophy). All around the world, the pairing of this two names is synonymous with being young and in love however no one wants to welcome this idiom in their stories because it is quite tragic. Against that background, let’s move to our main discussion for today


One of the most significant lesson in this drama is that “HATE LEADS NO WHERE”. It ran from the first scene down to the last. We see this in the strife and enmity that exists between the Capulets and the Montagues which at worst lead to the death of their only children. The hatred they bore for each other couldn’t let them see the good in the love their children had for each other. Many have proposed that the death of Romeo and Juliet not only poured oil on their families troubled waters, it taught the whole of Verona that one lesson they all needed to learn in order to live in peace. However, this came at a great price. It was just too costly. Let go of the hurt, Let go of the pain. Step into the freedom and goodness of a mind which knows and carries no grudge. This leaves me with a quote by Martin Luther King. JR “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us”.

2. REVENGE LEADS TO REVENGE (the circle never stops)

Sometimes, revenge isn’t the best form of revenge. We see this when Tybalt at all cost moved mad with the extreme urge to kill Romeo bore out of hate and the orientation to avenge an unclear cause. This later leads to Tybalt murdering Benvolio Romeo’s nephew which provokes Romeo to avenge his nephew’s death by killing Tybalt. Ever heard the saying that a man who plans revenge should be ready to dig up two graves? An eye for an eye is a law that will eventually leave everyone of us blind.


Well, yeah I said that but again it is worthy to note that lack of information may kill you faster than the knowledge of it. However in certain situations it is pertinent that we endeavor not to be the sole person who spreads the bad news, the bad break givers.

Some people are so quick to spread rumours without confirming the certainty of the news they heard or saw. It is, in fact, rampant nowadays with WhatsApp bc’s making it easier and faster to reach millions of ears. Please confirm the certainty of a message before spreading it and don’t be too rash about delivering a bad news to someone. It takes intelligence and patience to do this because you do not know how such a person would react. As in, the case of Balthasar who on spotting the lifeless body of Juliet, who in the real sense of it was subconscious ran immediately to deliver to Romeo the news of Juliet’s demise. This is not the first time people have committed suicide based on a news which later turns out to be false. Stop spreading false news. Stop spreading news of which certainty you aren’t sure of. Lastly, sometimes give to your doubt the doubt it brings by daring that situation to be different. It might be. It can be.


You should know that your decision is the beginning of that very thing you’ve proposed to do. Everything begins and ends with a decision. The decision to study that course was the first step you launched towards your career. You deciding to say yes was what prompted the relationship which later lead to the marriage. The decision to leave that abusive toxic relationship was the first step you made in claiming back yourself. So you see, a decision is the beginning and end of every step you take. (Okay, that sounded sort of confusing). First, we see so many quick and irrational decisions made by some important characters in the play which later leads to an uncontrollable turn out of events. Friar Laurence’s decision to give the poison which would make Juliet subconscious was rather a short term solution which was arrived at without thinking of possible repercussions. Likewise, Juliet’s decision to go on with the plan. What if the poison killed her? Likewise, killing herself with a dagger when she awoke to the dead body of Romeo was borne out of grief and is very irrational. Again, Romeo’s decision to kill himself is another irrational act, borne out of grieve. Decisions made in anger and during time of grief are often times always irrational.

Think carefully. Talk to someone. Weigh your options and sometimes know that the situation might instantly not get better, but you will. Also, Romeo and Juliet falling in love was rather too quick and sudden. I’m forced to believe that it was mere infatuation rather than love. (I mean, I don’t believe in love at first sight).


That already said, I’ll admonish that no matter how deep in grieve you are or how big of a problem you think you have, I’ll encourage that you speak to someone you can confide in. Speak of the grief. Air out that which bothers you. Have you ever thought about it this way, that if only Romeo had spoken about how he was feeling and allowed himself to be spoken to, who knows, what happened to them may have been averted. Words can heal. They are powerful. Use your words carefully and nicely to lift a soul today.


I really think Apothecary was another man who contributed greatly to the woe of Romeo & Juliet. I mean, he could have chosen not to sell the poison to Romeo. He compromised. He broke the law because of his love for money when he said “MY POVERTY BUT NOT MY WILL CONSENT”. It is sad to hear about so many terrible things people do for money today. Please, do know that you can be different. Do know that, you might be saving a life by choosing not to compromise. You might be ensuring that justice is served by turning down that paycheck, by turning down that offer.


I really think the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet could have been avoided if Paris respected Juliet’s choice of another. Even though Juliet told him of her unending love for Romeo. He still wouldn’t budge. All that was in his head was how he (Paris) was going to wife her and make her his. It is important to note that sometimes you’d be rejected by your love interest. However, that is not the end of life. It doesn’t mean that you are not enough. It doesn’t mean you are not good enough. It all balls down to choice. Such an individual has made a choice, and now it’s time for you to accept the reality of that choice and move on with your life. I have listened to conversations about this. The inability of the human mind to accept rejection. So many people especially women have been killed because they said NO and it’s very sad. So sad. If you’re having a hard time handling some “rejections” in your life right now, I pray light finds you.
Below are some of the women who have been killed for saying No. Via Instagram @nosugarnocreammagazine

Did you learn a thing or two from this post?. Share with me what you learnt and your opinion on this. Till next time, stay blessed.

Week Nugget: Try as much as possible to stay organized. That way, you’ll be able to carry out smartly and effectively what you set out to do each day.

Thanks for reading.


Image: Pinterest

I have a thing with perfumes. Whether it’s in spray, oil or the one that comes in candles the type you light in your rooms or the one that’s poured into water. Perfumes come in grades and different sizes and no matter what, I try to make it a duty to get my perfumes regularly. There’s this particular spray brand I fell in love with so much that I bought it every time. But something happens every time I buy this spray. The first time I bought and started using this spray in question was in 100 level (2017). I remember how it had saved my ass a day one of my roommates and I decided to cook in the room and as usual, the portals that day were moving about looking for their preys. If you were lucky, signals would be sent to you by fellow students before they got to your room and if you were caught, you would be threatened to leave the hostel till you had to bail yourself with 2 thousand nairas after you must have shown remorse by begging for hours non stop (you don’t want to ever be in that position). We were signalled that day so we quickly blew off our stoves and kicked everything underneath our beds but the sweet smell of our food persisted and so I quickly reached out for the spray and sprayed “shh-shhh-shh” and there went the strong sweet smell of my spray overpowering that of our food. We knew the man was going to suspect something and so my roommate, like she rehearsed what she was going to do, came to my side grabbed the spray from me and said: “oh my God, Esther, how much did you get this spray?” (silence as portal enters)… “It smells so nice. Wow. Wow”. I was surprised myself. She acted it perfectly. Mr portal looked around a bit. He smelt the Cologne and looked at me. At last, he said he wanted to see all the students on my floor and that we should gather at the corridor. I almost thought we did something but I quickly dismissed it as he didn’t catch us. Fast forward to the exam period, I wanted to go home for a while so I packed some things I would be needing and alas my body spray was of course along the stuff I packed. I got home only to discover it was missing. I started to ask myself questions like “I put it in here now?” “Shebi, I put it there”. “After I wore my earring I packed it and…” you know, questions you ask yourself to validate your belief. I circled my thought to the fact that I must have left it in school so I stopped searching for it.

When I got back to school, I searched through my things but then, I didn’t find my spray. I asked my roommates one of whom confirmed that she saw me put it into my backpack. There was no hole in my bag and so I wondered that there was no way it could have dropped. It then brought me to the question, “How did I lose it?” I quickly stopped wondering since exams were at hand and I had to read my books. So, I decided to buy another one.


It was the end of the session and we all were preparing to leave for home. So I packed all my belongings while awaiting my dad. I sat on the empty bed bunk reminiscing on how my first year in the university went. It was not all that I had dreamed of, yet it didn’t fall short of expectation. I looked at the faces of my roommates, I was glad of all the happy memories we shared together before I got that beep on my phone. (Daddy was calling) “it was time to go home.”


How would you rather spend a two month holiday? Travelling, sightseeing, learning a skill or making money? I wanted so badly to be amongst the money makers (because I wouldn’t lie, I love it and want to have a lot of it. Lol) but the question was at that point in time “what could I beneficially do to make money?”.

Personally, I believe that entrepreneurship isn’t for me so I decided to develop my skill in sewing & writing. Going to where I acquired my sewing skill each day was fun and at the same time stressful and so I selectively skipped some days. My mummy wouldn’t stop whining that I should start practising my skill by engaging in sewing as I did with my writing by writing every day and not just looking on as my boss cut and sewed the dresses. I decided to consent to this. At least it was high time the badass designer in me came out.

I scrambled through my belongings to check if I had any unused material and Lo! There was one. A multi-patterned Ankara stared right back at me. I pulled it out from the dark and hideous place it sat but was thrown aback by the smell it gave (the type associated with longtime unused clothes ). My mum said to spread the clothing outside as it will help decrease the stench but I was bent on using my miracle-working spray to perform the job in 3 seconds (I couldn’t wait to become a badass designer). I looked on the table, inside my box and everywhere in my room for a spray I kept slightly beside my window in the morning but couldn’t find it anywhere. It couldn’t have walked away I thought. Someone definitely in the house must have borrowed it but the question now was WHO? I asked my cousin accusatively likewise everybody in the house but not consented to even lay their eyes on it. It baffled me but because I knew definitely it was in the house this time so I continued my search for a day or two. My mum finally told me to give up on the spray when I told her what happened the first time I got it. She said “if it disappeared the first time and again the second time, how are you so sure it wouldn’t do the same the next time? Please don’t bring something like that to my house again” she said teasingly. I prayed myself to sleep that night. My African self wouldn’t accept the fact that this was ordinary and my educated mind wouldn’t stop thinking. I had my suspects because the spray never got missing in school, it was only when I came home that it developed wings. I wish I can tell you guys who my ghost thief is but till date I have no idea.


What do you think? Let me know by commenting below.

Week Nugget: Make your deodorants an essential part of your day.

FOR&FROM MY LEMON TREE ; Which started her fruit bearing journey after FOUR YEARS.

H-e-l-lo, (coughs &clears throat). I am so glad to put something here today and also that you took your time to read this amazing piece. Today, I have some things to say for and from my lemon tree to which for four years now, I have watched grow. Everything involves process, and we all know that and my tree was all about that. Lemon, as we know, is perennial i.e it takes three years and above to start juicing up with fruits, so, today in a short and precise story, I’ll tell my experience from growing my lemon tree at my yard space in my home. Leaving a short message for you and likewise my newbie lemons.

As I walked up to my mother that day, all heavily clothed up due to the cold the heavy rain had brought, I peeped at my sprouting maize from the kitchen windows and said “we should grow something in this space mum. I still feel this little space can grow a new crop apart from the ones we already have. Hmmm, I think lemon or lime. Why don’t we plant lemons? I saw her tree while coming back from school a while ago and it didn’t look so broad. So it could fit into the available space here in the orchard”. “You like being a farmer girl that much?” My mum answered all of my rants with that question {in my country, this is a common feat. People answering questions with questions. (lol)}. The question being a quoted excerpt from one of the cartoons I watched growing up- Banny. “Well, I just feel available land shouldn’t be wasted and yes I think I am coming to terms with my love for agriculture basically”. I replied showing my dentition since I was graced an unfamiliar stare. My mum paused a while, staring at me. I had thought maybe she was wondering and wasn’t able to figure out why I had a special type of love for the uncommon kind of things before nailing her reply: “OK, I’ll get you the cutting before the weekend so you could do the planting. “Thank you I jabbed, cutting in almost immediately, fixing my stare on the food that was being made. {Hehe, everybody likes food (lol)}

Mum got me the stem cut three weeks after the weekend she had promised to do that. I had whined for it every day & she always had words laced and decorated with the tomorrow scent. I had to always wait for tomorrow each day, that as time flew, tomorrow became a normal gist. I didn’t always go out or rather, where did I even know they sold stuff like that. So, the determination to get it myself wasn’t even feasible. Its to continue to wait for tomorrow while caring for the rest of the crops I grew, but, after the third week, tomorrow came and it was in that same tomorrow that my lemon tree was earthed. (I just couldn’t keep the cutting for another day.)

I grew crops which ranged from maize to yam, to moringa oleifera, different vegetables, pawpaw, pepper, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pineapple, banana, plantain, lemon, and recently added but not so recently, Lime. I’ll have a really big plantation when I grow much older I teased at anyone who cared to listen or anyone I caught stealing glances at my farm. I called it my farm because I was very possessive about it. (Lol) but in reality, it was actually “our farm”.
My immediate elder brother, at a time, spoke of how I took it an everyday routine to stalk the plants and so they didn’t look like they were growing to me when I had complained to my mum to buy fertilizer as the crops were being retarded. It dwindled a thing of interest to me seeing these plants grow. In the long run, I learnt that loyal and efficient work in a great course even though may not be immediately recognized ultimately bears fruit. The patience and effort I put into growing my lemons taught me that.

Funny and weird but the small farm in my home taught me its lessons. Like I use to say to my friends “don’t overlook the tiniest details that may, after all, be the most important”.

I watched my bananas one day and said; I can see the purplish reddish bud with a big straw hanging from the very top of its life opening but that is not all I see. I see a crop that lives its own story. Everywhere, the colour green represents go while yellow, yield, but in a banana its the opposite! It simply lives its own story. My siblings and my mum kept looking at me till they left me all alone to sink into my absurd fantasy.

The Note.
Dear lemon, I’m happy you get to read this. I have a note for you. Don’t ever allow the watermelon to convince you that you are not successful till you are as big as it is. It will breed frustration and rob you of your juice to ultimate fruitfulness. Give your unique Value and be the best lemon in the whole world. Size is not the only measure of success. Live your own story! (Penned to be understood figuratively)

Ps; note inspired by Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar Christian centre, Lagos Nigeria.

I hope you enjoyed my weird story (lol) hopefully. I hope you get to ruminate on that soul food. Being all literal right now, my lemon tree is all juiced up with fruits after four good years. Am happpppppppy! (Lol) #yourhotfarmergirl

(Image below)

Thanks for reading


Hello, and welcome to my blog. I don’t have to say it has been a while because obviously, it has been hence the need for this post welcoming back my consistency. The last time I published a post on this blog was the post about Moments, which drew the interest of many readers and have over time been the most seen. Against this background, once in a while more of that spike would be seen.

Today, the reason for this post is to welcome all. (New &existing) readers and to brief what we would be doing here.


Yasssssss! I’ll be taking you on the background to the stories that have graced this blog. The first was Blue baby, which was published in February 2017. I got so many suggestions to what the story drilled. People wanting to know, just how the title had a thing to the story. I coined Blue Baby from its original English word Blue Baby, having something to do with the illness of heart. Its one of the few nonfiction I have ever written (someone is surprised). Lol. Yh, Blue baby is nonfiction. It is based on the true life story of a Kenyan woman who, I had the opportunity to watch her testimony clip played in church. The story is one that paints and traces light in gross darkness. Voicing, light cannot be light until it weighs its strength in darkness. (If you haven’t read this, I bet you should ) One story you shouldn’t procrastinate reading.
Slave to time is but another. I happened to have gotten the idea to this story during a class in philosophy one which the lecturer, kept hammering how ephemeral with time things be. Everything, he said falls under the trick to time. The story is fictional though, but one thing people kept asking was why things happened so fast. Therein, lies a motif on its own (time ontology). The story falls under the cultural matrix and ideology of tribes in Nigeria and preaches that never let society run the clock to your being. There’s a particular time society expects certain things from you but you own up! Never be under that cloud pressure. It’s not their life but yours after all. Again, the story preaches forgiveness. Let me say I wrote this story to preach and voice out forgiveness. Sometimes it’s hard, I know. Sometimes you find yourself recollecting and unable to forget, but do know that as long as you keep a grudge, as long as you continue to harbour hate, you are caging your awesomeness. Let it go! And see much of the peace you’ve missed for holding one after all.

Finally, Moments is nonfiction drawn from my journal which houses my daily experiences and so I thought to tell these stories in the order that we might have a good laugh and likewise pick a thing or two from the stories. How, do you feel about some experiences in your life? Tough, hard, embarrassing, fun, memorable, happy, unmemorable, sad, lethal e.t.c (this part of speech cannot be exhausted (lol) we all know). At age 7, I felt that experience to be the worst and toughest life would ever throw at me. I lost my best friend (lol) how strange to say I bereft sand. But that was how I felt. But even though I thought worse, life through a new page at me with the pen! (You should read it if you haven’t to see what I am talking about.) In it, also housed an experience from being a jambite (a college freshman) in the premier university in Nigeria. This story actually happened and till now, I am all baffled like really? but anytime I look back at the day, it makes me smile. (Thinking how I started my undergraduate journey in?..check the address). A thing from the story is Life isn’t hard, don’t by yourself breath hardness into it. Be optimistic and shun pessimist as the human stories that actually matter are of those that endure. Someone told me recently that at the end, nobody wants to actually know what you went through if you do not pull through.

And that is it guys, an overview of previous posts on the blog. I’ll be venturing into some other genres so stay tuned or you could hit the follow button at the end of this post to get notifications from my blog when I publish a new post or you could follow my social media pages to keep track.

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